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We sincerely hope that we can help you out with your roofing needs! With over 20 years in business, our company has an incredibly positive reputation among Spring Texas homeowners. We are backed by airtight warranties and great customer service – not just for new installations but also if there’s any sort of problem or accident on top-of warranty work too (which comes at very low cost). Additionally every project undertaken is completed using quality craftsmanship & high grade materials which will keep it lasting longer than average roofs tend to do so around here anyways.

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The professional roofers at Spring Roofing are ready to help you take care of your home or business. We offer commercial and residential services with quality materials by only the best installers in town! Give us a call today so that one our expert teams can come out right away for an estimate on how they will be able make sure everything is covered before the next storm hits or you are in need of emergency services!

We want you to have a look around our site and learn about the services we offer. If your home or business needs roofing, please give us call so one of our experts can help!

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We at Spring Roofing Company pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service, value with our products and workmanship. We offer warranties that are above all other companies in the industry! This is what has made us so popular among homeowners who want a great product for less money spent- come see why you should choose specialists like ours this year too!! We are committed to providing the best service possible. Our estimates are courteous and free, so you can schedule them at any time on your convenience! We pride ourselves in doing what we say – if an estimate has been scheduled for noon then that’s where it’ll happen because there isn’t anything better than a company who follows through with their commitments. We want to help you get the most for your money. Our estimators are trained in listening and figuring out what is best suited just for YOU! You decide when it’s time that we do work on YOUR roof, so there will be no pressure or obligation involved whatsoever–it’s all about finding options which suit everyone involved as well as possible within budget constraints if any exist… We’re here at every step along this journey together because let me tell ya- nobody likes surprises more than I do!! Our estimators are on-site to help you select a roof system that will meet your needs. They have access not only all of the colors and styles, but also samples from which they can make educated decisions based off what’s best for YOU! If it comes down between two different types or brands – no problemo; we’ll help you decide what is best for your home or business. We accept major credit cards as well as financing options so there isn’t any stress involved when making this important decision about YOUR home improvement project!!


Your house is your most valuable asset and your family the most important. Keep them safe and sound with a quality roof installation


Sometimes a complete install or reroof is unnecessary. When simple repairs are needed we have you covered. Call Spring Roofing for all repairs


Commercial and Industrial Roofing can be tricky. Don't let just anyone work on your building. Call someone you can trust.

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Stuff happens. And when they do you need someone fast. With 24 hour emergency service we can be there quickly

Roof Repair Spring Tx

Spring Roof Repair

At Spring Texas Roofing, we pride ourselves on being the best in our industry and providing peace of mind to all those around us. With years-long experience with residential roof installations throughout this great region including extreme hot weather conditions like bright sunshine or crazy storms that can leave you without power for days at time; it’s no wonder why customers keep coming back!

We take pride in our work and always try to learn and improve. Our long list of industry awards proves that we succeeding. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind. Learn more about the repair services we provide for our clients.

Our roof repair spring Texas team works with all types of roofing materials, including:

  • Shingle roofs
  • Tile roofs
  • Shake roofs
  • Foam roofs
  • Modified roofs

You may think that you know all there is to know about your roof, but do not be fooled. A professional company like ours with years in business can help answer any questions and give recommendations on how best protect this important investment

A home’s roofs are often overlooked because they’re usually one inch away from being a permanent fixture — And owners don’t want their homes looking outdated! However though most people never have problems until those crazy storms hit (we’ll admit it; sometimes nature does surprises us), knowing what condition every layer -from shingle siding down through tiles-is currently located at could save big bucks should something go wrong later

When a roof is leaking, it can be quite scary and if you’ve never dealt with repairs before that might seem like enough to send anyone into panic. However, minor-to moderate leaks should only require immediate attention as leaving them unchecked may lead too much bigger problems down the line .

Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Broken Flashing: The tiles on your roof may be in great shape, but if there’s damage below it then you’re risking water coming into the house. Flashing refers to metal sheets that protect our homes and direct any leaks away from things like shingles or other parts of building structures so they can’t cause more harm than just general wetness inside caused by leaky pipes! The condition here could range anywhere form cracks & breaks all way down towards holes allowing rainwater right through which would lead only bad smells rather then nice clean air as well.

Clogged Gutters: Your gutters are an important part of protecting your home from water damage. When they become clogged or dirty, the drainage system for stopping leaks can be compromised and rainwater begins to pool on top which could lead into more serious problems such as mold growth in some cases!

Cracked Shingles or Tiles: Your roof is the most important part of your home. It protects you from rain and snow, insulates against heat or cold – even these crazy Texas Storms! If there are cracks in it then water can seep through into walls below which could lead to foundation problems later on down the line; not only will this make things less comfortable but also can get quite expensive!

Debris Accumulation: If you have a house with slopes on the roof (places where two slopes meet are known as valleys) you can get debris and water stuck in the valleys. These areas can accumulate plant debris and organic matter from rainwater running off of your roofs and can cause long-term damage when left unattended.

Roofers in Spring Texas

The Spring Roofing Company staff is experienced in all types of roof replacements, including skylights that are too old or damaged due to age. We also offer gutter services for any rainwater problems you might be experiencing!

We are committed to providing you with the best possible service. That’s why our Roofing Superintendents work closely together throughout your project, communicating instantly and efficiently so that all of our customers can enjoy their new roofs!

We assign one supervisor per job who makes sure nothing is left out-of hand or overlooked – it’s just like having an extra set hands when installing metal flashings on top rooftops because this was part needs special attention in order not cause damage during heavy rainstorms which could potentially lead into leaks at some point down line.

When choosing a roofing company it is important to find one with high-quality workmanship and warranties. The Spring Roofing Company offers its customers nothing less than the best in terms of both quality services, as well as comprehensive protection against any malfunctions or other issues that may arise during installation – up until ten years after initial purchase! This means you can always count on us if your home needs new shingle installations…

A recent study revealed many companies don’t last long enough to fulfill their warranty requirements as they usually fold before they are able to make good on that promise. In fact, there’s about 50/50 chance they’ll be unable provide servicing should something go wrong later down line. We have been working on roofs for decades and know what it takes to be successful and move with the times. We aren’t going anywhere so you can be assured that we will be there whenever you need us.